Bhairab Ganguly College

Bhairab Ganguly College

  • Reaccredited
    NAAC Grade 'A'
  • Affiliated to
    W.B. State Univ.
  • Govt.

Research Projects by Faculty Members

Research Innovation

The college ensures an environment which facilitates high quality research, thereby fostering an ambience conducive to critical enquiry, research and collaboration. Research endeavours are actively pursued by the faculty of the various departments.

UGC funded Minor Research Projects (2016):

  • PI: Dr. Debabrata Bhadra, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics.
    “Designing of ferroelectric polymer nanocomposites containing surface functionalized ferroelectric oxide nanoparticles for high energy density capacitor application”
  • PI: Smt. Senjuti Banerjee, PTT (Govt. Approved), Department of Botany.
    “A Cytotaxonomical study of some mangrove species in the light of interspecific hybridization”.
    Funding authority: UGC [Sanction no.: F.PSW-242/15-16 (ERO) dated 06.09.2016].

UGC funded Minor Research Projects (2015):

  • Dr. Sanjit  Kumar  Das, Associate Professor, Department of Commerce.
    Research Grant for project on “Transformation from Obscure Rural Posture to Modernized Industrial Centre and Its Impact on the Land Evictees: A Study on Durgapur, West Bengal”, University Grant Commission, 2015.
  • Rena Majumder, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics.
    “Investigation on Cosmic Ray Phenomena”, University Grant Commission, 2015.
  • PI: Dr. Anulipi Aich, Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology.
    “Investigation on the trace element accumulation, tolerance, adaptation strategies and prospection of phytoremediators plant species growing in east Calcutta Wetland ecosystem (A Ramsar Site; no 1208)”;
    Funding authority: UGCDAE consortium for scientific Research [Sanction no.: UGC-DAE-CSR-KC/CRS/15/IOP/15/0685 dated 12.10.2015].
  • PI: Dr. Ushri Roy, Assistant Professor, Department of Botany.
    “RAPD & Internal Transcribed Spacer (ITS) Study in Gilled Mushrooms in West Bengal”.
    Funding authority: UGC [Sanction no.: F.PSW-o56/14-15 (ERO) dated 03.02.2015].


Google Map 2, Feeder Road, Belghoria,
Kolkata 700056, W.B, India
Phone: (033) 2564 3191

Campus Weather:

real feel: 37°C
humidity: 78%

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